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If A.C.T were defined in a dictionary it would read... A professional and approachable team who deliver construction projects on schedule and on budget, surpassing clients expectations. ACT make construction appear easy.

Dave Callan MRICS - Planit Chartered Architects

I am delighted with the changes you have made to the house the comments from family and friends are fantastic and it’s a credit to you and your staff thanks again.

Mrs Angela - Sunderland

We are realy pleased with the standard of the work and also the attitude of your employees we found everyone to be friendly helpful and professional the quality of the work has been very impressive.

Mrs Harrison - Herrington

The attention to the detail finish is a credit to you and your fellow workers.

Mr Scott - Gosforth

We are delighted with the excellent craftsmen and help your company have been very hard working and pleasant.

Mrs Lynn - Sunderland

A new house that is admired by all who passes by, a golfers lodge built to a low budget that now looks so proud over sharply golf course. Well done Alan I have more work for you.

Simon Weightman - Sharpley Leisure Ltd

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the job you did. It was a pleasure having you working in our home.

Mrs Wright - Sunderland

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The existing Health and Safety at Work Act and recent changes to the Construction and Design Regulations, places additional duties on Property Managers, their designers and appointed contractors regarding Health and Safety.

Health and Safety is unquestionably a chief concern for all Property Managers and changes particularly under the Construction and Design Regulation place particular liabilities which requires them as a client to be responsible for legal duties under these regulations.

One of a tranche of responsibilities sitting with property managers or indeed Head Teachers, nowadays in respect of repairs and maintenance is budget management and achieving “Value for Money”. No property manager would knowingly ignore their Health and Safety responsibilities however, it must be difficult for them to be fully conscious of the whole range of requirements under the Health and Safety at Work legislation.

Whilst most Principle Contractors are aware of their additional responsibilities that may be imposed upon them under recent legislation, others are not. Added to these pressures, the Health and Safety Executive has also an obdurate approach to the subject of safety in the construction industry and by placing additional duties on clients are expecting greater involvement and responsibility from Property Managers.


A Property Manager due to space restrictions, decided to increase a properties space options by converting two rooms into one. This required some demolition and refurbishment works which had structural and design implications, the Property Manager decided to directly employ a Contractor to undertake the works. As a consequence the project fell within the criteria which made the project notifiable to the HSE due to the need to undertake demolition works and the project duration. Under the Construction and Design Regulation 2007 not only did the Property Manager have direct responsibilities as Client he/she was also taking on the liabilities of designer and CDM co-ordinator. As a competent designer was not employed and CDM co-ordinator not appointed this left the client with full responsibility for notification of the project, the project design, structural calculations and contract management.

Excluding the responsibilities of designer and CDM co-ordinator the Client as a minimum must ensure;

  • The competence and resources of all appointees
  • To allow sufficient time and resources for all stages of the project
  • To provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors.
  • To appoint designer.
  • To appoint CDM co-ordinator.
  • To appoint Principle contractor.
  • A construction Phase Plan is in place.
  • Provide information relating to the health and safety file to the CDM co-ordinator.

Most clients are not construction experts and are not required to take an active role in managing the works. They are however, required to ensure arrangements are in place so that work can be carried out without risk to Health and Safety.

ACT Construction Services are adopting a holistic approach and offering Property Managers and Clients the opportunity for us to manage this process on their behalf, by undertaking the client brief, providing the design, commissioning the CDM co-ordinator and assuming the Principle Contractor roles.


Key Factors in engaging A.C.T Construction;

  • Full Project Management.
  • Health and Safety Support Team.
  • Full design, Planning and Building Regulation Submission.
  • Past Performance.
  • Experience of working in Schools and Public Buildings.
  • Successful in securing Sunderland City Council’s Framework Contract.
  • Fully QA Accredited.